Sauce Toss© (Corn Hole for Hockey Players)





  • The Boards are set up 24 feet apart. The distance is measured from the front of one board to the front of the other board.
  • Each game is played with two teams. Each team shall consist of two players with three pucks of a distinguished color for each team.
  • One player from each team takes position on opposing boards and all pucks are started from one side.
  • The foul line is defined as the front of the board. Each player shall not cross the foul line before the puck is released. Violation will result in no points for the foul puck, and the puck is to be removed from play before any more pucks are sauced. Pucks already on the board that have been knocked off the board by a foul puck will be returned to the same location on the board. Additionally, pucks that are on the board, but are knocked into the net by a foul puck must be returned to their original location on the board.
  • Pucks that bounce off the ground and come to rest on the board or in the net, do not count, and shall be removed from play before any more pucks are sauced. Again, if other pucks are contacted, the same rules as above apply.
  • Pucks that come to rest on the board, but are hanging over the board and touching the ground or grass, do not count, and shall be removed from play before any more pucks are sauced.


  • The team listed on top in the tournament bracket shall begin play first.
  • Each player throws all three pucks by alternating tosses with the opposing player. The round is complete after all six pucks are sauced.
  • The points are awarded as follows:
  • 3 points for each puck made in the small net.
  • 1 point for each puck made in the large net.
  • A puck must go completely in the net to count for 3 points. Any puck(s) that is partially in the net and partially on the board counts as 1 point.
  • The score for each round is determined by each team combining their points for all pucks in the net with all pucks on the board. The team with the higher total subtracts the opposing team’s points and earns the points of the difference between the two totals. The team with the lower total does not earn any points for the round.
  • The team that scores more points for the round goes first in the next round. If there is a tie, the team that went first in the previous round shall go first in the next round.
  • The winner is declared once a team reaches or exceeds 21 points after the completion of a round.



  • No movements or actions that cause distractions to opposing players are allowed.
  • A tournament official shall resolve any discrepancies or rulings that cannot be resolved mutually between two teams. HAVE FUN and THANK YOU for playing.


Pro Tips:

To execute this pass, open your blade up a little (like a wedge) wherein the puck is positioned at the heel of your blade. With very little wrist action, sweep the puck across the blade slicing and cutting the puck into the air. It takes a lot of practice and the Sauce Toss is the perfect device to develop this skill. It demands accuracy for the open space and small platform become obstacles and a target to perform this drill. Make sure the puck does not wobble. Keep your hands a comfortable distance apart, not too close together and not too far apart.

Playing Surface:

Our boards work best on a flat surface. Make sure each board is stable and not rocking during play.


It is best if each board is keep dry, clean, with minimum exposure to UV. Do not step on the surface or you may damage the board. Remove nets and store under each board after play and store indoors.


Children should not play on or around the playing area without close supervision of a responsible adult or parent. Please drink alcohol responsibly.


Powering Athletics is not responsible, nor liable for damage, including, but not limited to property damage, personal injury or death as a result of storing, transporting or playing our game; therefore, by purchasing our products, you agree to these terms as indicated herein.

Sauce Toss© is a trademark of Powering Athletics and the design of the Sauce Toss© is patent pending.