Board Construction – Pro

The Pro uses a slim 3/16” thick Shooting Pad Board made of HDPE Plastic. The board is almost the same size as the Elite Board (1008 sq. in.). The Board has Molded Brackets at one end for the Large Net & for the Small Nets to fit onto. Large Surface Area for passing and landing of Pucks. Comes with 4 Color Graphics for the Goal Crease Paint, Red Line, and Face-Off Circle, which are made from Poly Carbonate Decal that is 15M thick to resists scratching. The board comes in White only. Each board has a 1” machined slot handle on the edge for portability. 

Goal Nets – Pro

Designed like real professional nets with Steel Goal Posts with Steel Framing for attaching the Net behind the Post utilizing a Patented Velcro Attachment. We use official size Net material similar to NHL goal nets for the large net. The heavy cord is 3/16” thick in 1 ¼” squares. The Large Net has a back horizontal frame that floats on the surface to allow easy and quick retrieval of Pucks. The Small Net is made similar to a billiard table net to hold the 3 pt. pucks in the pocket separate from the 1 pt. pucks in the larger net. The Small Net cord is 1/8” thick in ¾” squares. Each goal post is secured into a molded deep well socket. There is no plastic framing. The pucks can slide on the ice surface into the net like a real game. A goal is a goal whether it bounces off the surface or post like the real game of hockey. The large net opening is 170 sq. in. (over twice the area to a Ramp Game) and the small net is 36 sq. in.




Net Storage – Pro

The nets bundle together with a slick Webbing Handle and Velcro Straps. Fold the Large Net with a Small Net inside with Pucks. Lay both Nets on top of each other and bundle together as shown. Easy to carry, easy quick storage.  



Pucks – All Games

All our pucks are a regulation size tailgating puck made of vinyl. They have the right amount of softness/hardness to sauce very well yet not injure or impact objects when they miss the intended target. We also offer Green Biscuits and you can use real pucks for the goal posts are steel, however they will eventually dint the pipes and if they miss the target they can damage other objects. Play responsibly.

Game Rules – Sauce Toss® Elite & Pro

Sauce Toss® is the only hockey game similar to Corn hole or Bean Bag Toss. Like in the game of hockey, a puck in the net is a goal. Doesn’t matter if it hit a pipe or was a clean shot. You get 3 Pts. for scoring into the Small Net and 1 Pt. for scoring into the Large Net. 2 to 4 Players. Play to 21. Play defense if Sauce doesn’t land on the board. There is a 3 pt. penalty when interfering with a clean Sauce. The round is complete after all players have sauced. The game must not end in the middle of a round. The winner is crowned the Sauce Toss® Boss. Sauce Toss is a true game compared to Ramp Hockey Games.

Game Rules – Ramp Hockey Kit (Ramp Hockey)

You score 1 Pt. for each puck going up the ramp and into the net.