Just WIN 5 Games in an 8 Bracket Tournament and we will ship you a Sauce Toss Game.


Here is an example of an 8 bracket tournament with 16 players

For Tournament Rules Click Here

How to Play

Once all tournament players have signed up you will be able to begin the tournament. You will be identified by your NICKNAME. We will post the tournament brackets on our Facebook Page, for you to see who you are playing. We would encourage all players to play on a weekend when there is more free time. 

Finding your competitor:

  • Start the Sauce Toss App on your device
  • If you already haven’t, create a NICKNAME to play under
  • Now choose Multiplayer on the main menu
  • Select Create Game
  • Name your Game
  • Choose Find a Game -look for the NAME of your opponent. Your opponent may look for you as well
  • Begin Play – Your game will be recorded and we will check to see who is playing who on a regular basis

As Players play each other, we will update the current tournament bracket. Find your new Game if you are winning. Recreate the steps above until a tournament winner is declared. Once you lose, you are out of this tournament.