Bean Bag Toss for Hockey Players TM, scores just like bags!

      Sauce Toss®, the newest in tailgating and a twist to a favorite and skillful pass.

      A Hockey Lifestyle Game.

      Play with 2 or 4, or by yourself to hone your passing skills. Toss Sauce Anywhere...Anytime!

      Taking the Saucer Pass off the ice & into a backyard near you!

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      • 2-4 Players
      • Play to 21
      • Line-up Opposite of Partner
      • Each side will take turns saucing similar to Bean Bag Toss/ Cornhole
      • 3pts Small Net, 1 pt Large Net
      • Accumulation scoring, no cancellation scoring as in Bean Bag Toss/ Cornhole
      • Each Player Sauces All 3/4 Pucks in a Row 
      • The team who scored the most points the previous round goes first
      • Puck must completely cross the goal line to be counted
      • Just like hockey, if a puck hits the back of the net and comes out, it's a good a goal
      • Any disputes between teams should be handled like beauties, agree on a re-sauce
      • Play Defense if Sauce Doesn't Land on Board
      • i.e. a rolling puck lands on the ground and rolls onto the board, the opposing player may play defense on the puck, so pay attention!
      • 3pt Penalty for Interfering with a Clean Sauce
      • Clear Pucks After Every Sauce
      • Round Complete After All Players Have Sauced
      • Once all 4 players on both sides have sauced their 3 pucks a round is complete
      • Game Cannot End in the Middle of a Round
      • Whichever side started the game, will be the first to shoot on the last round

      Click on the Scoring link to see Timmy Young, a 10 yr NHL Veteran, play his first game of Sauce Toss®

      “The thrill of every game is in finding the back of the net -- There is nothing more exciting!” Scoring in Sauce Toss!